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Vision Screens

Vision Screens Systems
Vision Screens Systems

RB Vision screens are designed to allow a measure of privacy, but also give an overview of other staff or public access areas. Shatter-proof acrylic vision panels are set into these screens and may be Clear, Grey or Bronze, with clear fitted as standard. The Top Vision panel is 450mm tall, and the Half Vision panel would be approximately half the height of the screen:
e.g. an 1800mm high screen would have approximately 900mm of vision panel.

The Top Vision Screens, Half Vision Screens and the Full Vision Screens are all available in the six standard heights 1825mm, 1675mm, 1525mm, 1375mm, 1225mm, 1075mm.
The Top Vision and Half Vision Screens are available at a standard width of 1600mm, and the Full Vision Screen is available at a standard width of 1000mm.

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